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  There must be a better way to invalidate cached data.
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Manual Cache Management is more than 20 years old.
State of the Art in 1980

Innumerable lines of code, painstakingly written to add, update and remove items from the cache - for every single use case.

Set the Cache Expiry & Pray

There is just no way to know when the data is stale. But, the hope sure does keep us alive.

Play Whack-A-Mole with Stale Data

It is easier to keep fixing bugs forever and leave the problem for tomorrow. It's someone else's problem then.

SQL does not make things any easier

It happily adds expense to complexity while convoluting the requirements.

Complexity has gone through the roof

Complex cache invalidation schemes & Design Patterns struggle to hold the line.

Everyone does their own thing

Everyone tries to solve the problem. The lucky succeed, while most fail. The ones with the deepest pockets win.




Sensational Core Framework
Pristine components polished to perfection from a lifetime of experience. Does everything you can imagine and much, much more.

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Fully Integrated Cloud Microservices.
Featuring our cutting-edge Trace engine to seamlessly meld together what used to require massive teams, expensive technology & constant support. The only fully integrated platform on the planet.

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Rapid Application Development Platform.
Foundational Technology which includes templates, designs and components for building hyper-scalable, multi-region applications.

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We are a Research Company

Our mission is to advance data-driven Software Development by fundamentally reimagining it, leveraging decades of industry experience to transcend current limitations and challenges.

We will achieve this goal by offering reusable, industry-agnostic services and development tools designed with two key goals in mind: simplifying code and providing a robust foundation for all aspects of building data-driven applications. Our aim is to empower developers to focus on building the application rather than the infrastructure behind it.

Our Research focuses on continuous improvement in areas like Caching, Search, Data Access, Multi-threaded Programming, Programming Language Capabilities, Configuration Management, State Handling, and Logging.


Boston, Massachusetts